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Chatbot, a computer programme using Artificial Intelligence (AI), designed to be used for STEM subjects.

Collection of 20 science experiments video tutorials with science background to perform fun experiments at home.

Guide on how to use the STEM bot based on literature and expert’s recommendations.

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Creation guide

Guide on how to create a chatbot for STEM learning.

Reasons to use STEMbot

Modern teaching and learning

STEMbot offers inclusive and innovative way of learning and teaching, suitable for today’s world and to help avoid the drop of interest for STEM subjects among secondary school students.

STEM is not only in classrooms

We intend to show how STEM knowledge is applicable outside of the classroom and give the practical experiences using an innovative approach.

Future career in STEM

By more accessible science and connection to real-life, we intend to foster children’s interest in STEM subjects, so that they feel confident choosing a career in STEM later.

How does it work? Easy.

Start using STEMbot in four easy steps.

Go to the website or Facebook.

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Select topic

Select topic that interests you.

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Make experiments

Let’s learn together and discover science.

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Chat with STEMbot

Click on the button and chat with STEMbot.