About STEMbot

Our chatbot, named STEMbot, is a software application designed to simulate human-like conversation.

Why STEMbot

STEMbot is an Erasmus+ project. The project is intended to bring math and science to life and show children how STEM knowledge is applicable in the real-life setting and offer them practical experiences using an innovative approach. The project promotes a hands-on approach to STEM as the best way to boost STEM interest and subsequently, the students’ results in this field.

Developed materials

The project partners, along with teachers and educators, will co-develop an introductory guide, around 20 videos of science experiments accompanied by matching lessons and FAQs on the topic, chatbot for STEM subjects (STEM bot), pedagogical guide on the use of chatbots and the creation guide aiming to enable student and teachers to create their own chatbots for STEM learning.